Astrology Supplementing in Ayurvedic Healing


Hopefully this book will guide a reader specifically Ayurvedic physicians to recall the glory of Ayurveda by means of better treatment by understanding the logical reasons of alteration from Astrological and Ayurvedic point of view and then treating the patients using the available resources of information in Veda. It may also be helpful to researchers related with astrology, Ayurveda, spiritualities, biological sciences or quantum physics, only need of vast screening and proper analysis based on perfect calculation is needed.

     Study of energies emanating from stars has great impacts on life of everything including human beings, animals, plants or all micro or macro parts of Nature. Veda, a sacred collection of Indian knowledge realized these truths thousands of years back. We still refer such treasury collection of reference by names of Vedic Astrology. Study encompasses the past, present and future of happenings. It is mentioned in Vedas that information are disseminated in this cosmos, only we need to solve the mystery. Discernment of Vedas gives the idea of this life and life after and beyond this life too. It provides us the chances to be in harmony with nature to avoid any sufferings at greater level.

            Ayurveda apparently analyzes the sufferings from various physiological alterations as a result of imbalances in Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Vedic Astrology has indicated such conditions as effects of energies of planets, the circumstances of these energies being good or bad depending upon the particular positioning of individual planets in any astro-chart. A combined approach to treat any physiological alteration gives Ayurvedic physician better option with successes in treating a patient. Actually both Ayurveda and Astrology are closely related science of Veda designed to achieve purified body, mind and spiritual levels.

            This book is a scientific approach to relate the Ayurveda with Astrology. It explores with general ideas about the impacts of planets, zodiac signs and constellations on human body in a systematic manner. It further makes a logical connection these impacts from logical views of Ayurveda. It reflects the idea about the psychological and bodily inherited changes influenced by planetary energies. The remedies of ill-effects on human bodies are detailed briefly as preventive and curative measures using Mantras, worshipping, gems (stones) and herbs. Few case studies in terms of planetary impacts are dealt here without any depiction from specific astro-chart as example because number of reasons is suggested for single alteration and it was thought not to restrict readers with limited idea. A broader imaginary option is left on the knowledge and analyzing capacity of readers.

Sri A. Ramesh Rao
Aroor Educational Trust (R),
Koppa, Karnataka.
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