President’s Message


Igniting the candles of knowledge with practical approach to shape our students in extraordinary and successful medical professional lies with our vision. Total learning and sharing of knowledge is part of our objectives. The unique panoramic location of institution under natural settings of mother nature with related professional and planned activities for achieving excellence make our institution better than others.    

We operate for eminence through disciplined and standard teachings. Skillful executions under able guidance of responsible teachers enable our wards to adopt the challenges with commitment for the society and nation. Recently introduced one more modernized operation theatre under able presence of experts from both Allopathic and Ayurvedic side upgrade our hospital to be a competent hospital of the area. Our well-equipped quality control laboratories provide exposures of researches related to drug development and drug analysis based on international standards. Our Animal house is oldest one amongst any private Ayurvedic college of Karnataka. We have one of the biggest medicinal plant garden enriched with more than 760 species, spread in exceeding 7 acres. Universal shining of our students are paragons detailing the quality of our institution.

Sri Aroor Ramesh Rao
Aroor Educational Trust (R)