Animal House

With the vision and blessings of the Honorable President, Shri. Aroor Ramesh Rao, the animal house was incepted in the year 1997, making the first landmark in the history of Ayurvedic institutions across the country, to outstand as the first Ayurvedic college to have an Animal house for conducting experimentation studies both In-vitro and In-vivo in relation with the Post Graduate departments. Later the animal house was inspected and registered by the CPCSEA, Ministry of Environment and forests, regulated by the Government of India,  New Delhi as per the Government norms. Since then, the House was spearheaded by eminent scientists from within the institute to upgrade the level of research works in par with the modern sciences.

The institute had tied up with reputed Pharmacy colleges and eminent Pharamacologists who paved the right path for Post graduate scholars in Ayurveda to incorporate researches in modern science to suit Ayurvedic standards. Under a single roof the animal house makes a serene home of living to nearly 300 Albino Rats and Albino mice with standard operating conditions as per norms from the CPCSEA. The house is regularly being inspected twice a year by Nominees assigned by CPCSEA, who are part of various renowned institutes across the state of Karnataka. Meanwhile the proposals on experimentations are discussed with Post graduate scholars in the presence of the Institutional Animal Ethics committee (IAEC) and permitted as per standard regulations fixed by the CPCSEA.  The Animal house over a period of 15 years had documented nearly 100 and odd experiments making it a Library of Knowledge to researchers.

Since its very inception, the house is being regularly upgraded every year with newer experimental models to give a facelift to the range of research works being carried out. The house performs a wide range of researches which include, Anti-pyretic, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Anti-Hepatotoxic, Nephroprotective, Lithotryptic, Anti-convulsant, wound healing, Anti-ulcerogenic, Anti-diabetic, Anti-cholestrolemic, Aphrodisiac, Anti-anxiety, Memory enhancing drug studies etc., The house also maintains a range of sophisticated experimental models like Plethysmograph, Tail flick apparatus, Eddy’s Hot plate, Elevated Plus maze, T maze, Y maze, Cook’s pole climbing apparatus etc., Envisaging great dreams of our visionary Honorable Shri. Aroor Ramesh Rao, the researchers of the Post graduate department have also been involved in getting the results of their experimental studies routinely being published in internationally accredited Scientific Journals indexed with reputed agencies across the World.


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