MD Degree Course

Ayurveda Vachaspati ~ MD (Ay.) [Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda] is offered with specialty in Dravyaguna, Bhaishjya Kalpana and Kaya Chikitsa. The MD Course extends over a period of three academic years after the commencement of the academic term. Candidates are given intensive training in classical knowledge along with comparative and critical study of the subject. Special training is given in methods and techniques of research work. Participation in teaching programmes of under graduate sudents, group discussions, seminars and clinical meetings is compulsory.

The course consists of two parts.
Part One – Preliminary; comprising of one academic year after admission.
Part two – Final; comprising of two academic years after preliminary course during which each students has to prepare dissertation on a subject approved by the Guide and Head of the Department.

Admission criteria for MD (Ay.) Course 

Candidates who possess the Degree of BSAM or BAMS of 5 1/2 years duration of any University in Karnataka State or any other degree considered as equivalent thereto, awarded by any other University in India established by law and recognized by CCIM, New Delhi can apply for the MD (Ay.) Course.

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