Presidents Message
Wisdom brightens a man’s face and its rough appearance changes’ a great quote clearly indicates the importance of real and fruitful knowledge with practical exposure. Our institution works on same direction. This college is amalgam of science an d spirituality in pollution free environment of land of Lord Veerbhadra flourished with natural beauty.

Our goal is to provide the students with maximum possible facilities under able guidance of most efficient teachers. We have one of best Quality Assurance Laboratories in any private colleges of India assisted with animal house, beautiful garden with over 1200 species spread in more than 7 acres. Universal shining of our students are quite enough to detail about the quality of education we offer.

Aroor Ramesh Rao
Aroor Education Trust (R)
Aroor Ravi Memorial Ayurvedic Research Centre – ARMARC – is prehaps the only research centre of its kind in the private sector that is attached to an Ayurvedic College. The vision of ARMARC is to grow into a Centre of Excellence in Research that nourishes the fields of Education and Practice in Ayurveda. By locating itself within the campus of any Ayurvedic College and Hospital, it seeks to establish the link between Ayurvedic Research, Education and Practice. The research activities undertaken by ARMARC must essentially be looked upon as an experiment that seeks to harmonize the three key areas of Research, Education and Practice in the field of Ayurveda. Read More >>
Herbal Garden
The Herbal Garden, is an expanse of 7.5 acres with over 1700 medicinal plants of 500 different species, is a fascinating and indispensable resource for all the students. Each plant is identified and labelled, making it easy for students to recognize and study them. The Western Ghats is a treasure trove of herbs and the climate is just right for propagation of the most exotic species of herbs. Taking advantage of the favorable conditions, attempts are made in our herbal garden to cultivate some of the medicinal plants that are on the verge of extinction. In order to conserve water, the herbal garden is irrigated with drip system. A solar powered battery pump controls the drip system. Read More >>
Ayurvedic Hospital
Established in the year 1987 with a full pledged hospital for giving a satisfied health service for remote area peoples of malnad region and established medical college with research centre under the directions of honorable president Mr. Aroor Ramesh Rao. Read More >>
Quality Control Lab
Quality Control Laboratories are running successfully since last three years and have set the example by standardizing renowned established products on request of some pharmaceuticals of Karnataka, Kerala and other states based on guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization ). We have also assisted the students of post-graduation and doctoral research (Ph.D.) from Ayurveda, Biochemistry, Botany, Pharmaceutical Sciences etc. from different universities all over India in their researches.
Animal House
Animal house equipped with plethysmograph, cook’s pole apparatus, hot plate, analgesiometer, various mazes viz., T-maze, Y-maze etc.; own institutional ethical committee giving ethical permission to conduct various tests e.g., anti-inflammatory test, anti-convulsant test, antipyretic test, anti-diabetic etc.

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